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Interiors & Architecture

Control Rooms and Command Centers are – by their very nature –the scene of intense, high-energy and extremely interactive team activities.​

Successful real-time monitoring and response in areas such as security, production, logistics and medicine can often make the difference between substantial losses or major profits for a business.

We have been designing large-scale, mission-critical operational centers and other exceptional work environments for decades.


Ben Gurion Airport

Air Traffic Control Tower

Screenshot 2022-01-13 153144.png

The Municipal

Control Center

of Rishon Lezion

Screenshot 2022-01-03 151501_edited.jpg

National Control Center

of the

Israel National Water Co.



SOC Center

in a foreign country

Screenshot 2022-01-03 151358_edited.jpg

SOC Center

for the

Defense Industry

done4 copy_edited.jpg

Logistic Control Center

Control Center

for a foreign country

Screenshot 2022-01-02 102822.png

SOC Center

in a foreign country


Tel Aviv

Light Rail Red Line

Control Center


5 Hamelacha , Netanya

Duby +972-54 420 7545

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