Spearhead SOC
A Cyber Room for an international company. It is built in a challenging space inside a triangular building, as its name suggests. A room with a refined and innovative design that is both functional and presentable.
We were asked to create a unique effect at the entrance which should reflect their inventiveness. We chose to create a door which is actually a video screen – the first of its kind in the country.
cyber room חדר סייבר עם מסך בנוי על דלת.
single control panel. יחידת שליטה ובקרה המותאמת לעמוד בתנאים קשים ולעבור פתחים צרים
Operator's Workstation
This product was designed to provide a comfortable ergonomic solution from a single control panel, meeting high durability standards against strikes and shaking.
The workstation is light weighted, and its dimensions are suitable for moving through narrow passages. It is equipped with alleviators capable of withstanding a crashing of up to 62G.
Drone Dome
A counter unmanned air system (C-UAS) anti-aircraft system capable of identifying and intercepting unknown targets by utilising a specific jammer bandwidth and an advanced directional antenna.
DRONE DOME’s laser-based interceptor can lock, track the target and within a few seconds transmit a laser beam that destroys it.
The system design is modular enabling it to be used either as a stationary or mobile station with various configurations.
dorone dome  מערכת נגד מטוסים המעוצבת להיות ניידת ונוחה.
control center  חדר מבצעים עם מחשבים ומסך בקרה גדול
Control Center
The Control Center, located in a foreign country, was designed with its nature of the work in mind, as well as to support the ability for the various authorities to efficiently integrate.
The room provides the solutions to all challenging requirements for the acoustics, air conditioning, lighting, routing information etc… Our involvement started as early as the initial layout planning of the building up until the detailed furniture design which was built from local materials.
Metro TLV Depot
The main Control Room for the Tel Aviv light rail, where the supervision of the trains’ Red Line is performed.
We created a common space supporting various functionalities for the managers & operators, enabling them to cooperate in a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere.
חדר בקרה ושליטה רכבת קלה תל אביב